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In today’s society it can seem pretty overwhelming when trying to decide how to best improve your health and fitness. Every few months we hear about a new diet, there are thousands of fitness books and magazines to choose from, there are millions of personal trainers claiming to have all the secrets, and there is over a hundred billion(that’s billion) dollars worth of fitness products and nutritional supplements sold every year. Yet even though there are more fitness related products and services now then there has ever been, this country continues to be as unhealthy as it has ever been. This is because through media and advertising, society is being bombarded by a Fitness industry that just is not working. Presently, there are numerous Health Science degrees relating to fitness that can be obtained. They include Exercise Science, Physiology, Kinesiology, Biomechanics, and Nutrition. The problem is that most fitness professionals do not posses any of this type of standardized education in most cases have not had any formal fitness education at all. As someone who has spent six years in college learning about the Science of fitness, I can honestly tell you that the health and fitness information that I have learned, at the highest education level available, is not the same information that is being taught by most people in society. I am not talking about cutting edge research, new theories, or in-depth anatomy. I am talking about the most basic and foundational fitness and nutrition information that is being taught to the most highly educated people in the industry, but is not being taught to most of the population. The truth is that the entire fitness industry is being dominated by an unregulated and therefore unqualified workforce. For a more in depth look at how the fitness industry really operates click on the “unregulated and uneducated workforce” link.


An Unregulated and Undereducated Industry
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